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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 1 vs Orlando City SC 0, Final

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Orlando City SC Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Game Updates

90+12’- There is the whistle, the game is over and the Union win on the road.

90+10’- We are officially over the stoppage time. So we will see how much is added for the VAR check.

90+6’- After watching it multiple times and even going back to the monitor, referee Chilowicz says free kick for the Union.

90+4’- Ref is heading to the monitor because of a shirt that was pulled off a corner kick.

90+1’- We will have at least 9 minutes of stoppage time.

90’- Donovan comes in to replace Carranza. All eyes are on the fourth official to see how long stoppage time will be.

83’- His night is also done here as Sullivan comes on to replace him.

82’- Play is stopped again as Burke is back on the ground. There was no contact this time, he just stopped grabbed his head, and went down. Ref screamed for the doc to get over and look at him. As he gets up he doesn’t look good.

80’- Orlando making their fifth and final sub with Carlos replaces Moutinho.

77’- Play is stopped again as Burke and Urso collide after they go in the air to challenge for the ball. Urso has a cut that is bleeding, so he is on the side with the staff holding it to try and get it stopped.

75’- Double switch here for Orlando Urso replaces Pereyra, Akindele comes on for Ruan.

73’- Burke is down on the pitch, replay shows he gets an elbow in the side of the head. Training staff is out to look at Burke.

67’- Play is stopped as Martinez goes down, training staff is out again and they bring the stretcher up. However, he gets up and is still holding the rib. Martinez is getting swapped out with Aaronson.

61’- Change for Orlando with Pato replacing Perea. This isn’t a like-for-like switch, so expect a formation change as well. Also, Martinez is down on the pitch and the training staff is out looking at him.

59’- Fresh legs coming in for the Union as Birke replaces Uhre. Also seems Jim wants a formation change, going with just 1 striker up top. Thanks to the tv mics for picking that up.

52’ - Orlando trying to penetrate from various sides of the right side of the box. However, it ends eventually with a wide shot.

46’- Game resumes. Orlando did make a sub at half Michel replaces Mulraney.


45+3’- Whistle is blown for teams to head to the locker room.

45+1’- We will have three minutes of stoppage time in the first half.

44’- Carranza standing in front of Orlando’s attempt to restart the game and the ball hits him in the back. The ref comes over to give Carranza the yellow card for time wasting.

40’- Union on the board with a flick from Gazdag... but hold on he is being called for offsides. The ref is talking to VAR and is now heading to the monitor. After review, he rules it as a good GOAL!

30’- Elliott is taken down by Kara, the foul by Kara earns him a prestigious yellow card from the ref.

27’- Carranza sees the goalkeeper is out of the net and sends it towards the frame, but it goes just wide of the net.

20’- Free kick for the Union that is near the center circle. The service is sent all the way towards the end line, where Glesnes gets a head on it to direct it back towards the net. However, the goalkeeper is there to put a stop to the attack.

18’- In the past ten minutes, we have seen a few shots from Orlando, nothing too threatening.

8’- Wagner lines up at the near flag for the set piece. His left foot service is sent to the middle of the goal area and the goalkeeper punches it out. On the counter-attack, Martinez held the player and earned a yellow card. He will miss the next match due to yellow card accumulation.

7’- Uhre with a nice run and he eventually earns the game’s first corner.

4’- Play is stopped as Mbaizo is down on the pitch.

1’- We are underway. The Philadelphia Union are wearing light blue kits with yellow shorts. They are attacking from left to right here in the first half.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

Orlando City SC

How to Watch

Philadelphia Union vs Orlando City SC
Saturday, July 23, 2022
7:38 p.m.
Streaming: (in-market); ESPN+ (out-of-market)


Referee:Alex Chilowicz
Ast. Referee 1:Corey Parker
Ast. Referee 2:Jason White
Fourth official:Sergii Demianchuk
VAR:Jair Marrufo
Ast. VAR:Jeff Muschik