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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 2 vs Inter Miami CF 1, Final

Union grab 3 points off a Uhre PK and a header from Burke

Photo by Morgan Tencza

Game Updates

90+7’- Sailor is shown a yellow card and the Union is given a free kick. After the ball is played backward towards Blake the ref blows the final whistle.

90+4’- Flach goes down and gets hit by an elbow in the head. Play is stopped as it's a head injury and is being pushed off the field to have the training staff look at him as the ref believes it is a head injury. Flach is now on the sideline and plays resumes.

90+1’- Martinez is down after a sliding tackle from Higuain. But he is now up and holding his wrist and jogging off the field. However, now he is jogging back on, and play finally resumes after about two minutes.

90’- The fourth official says there will be at least another six minutes in this game.

89’- Sullivan sends a cross into the middle of the box that finds the top of Aaronson’s boot but it goes over the net. However, Aaronson is called for a foul before the shot.

88’- Lowe showed a yellow card for his lowering of the shoulder into Carranza, guess he wished the man didn’t become a permanent Union player. Anyhow Wagner is lined up on the right side and about 35 yards out. His ball is sent into the box and cleared out.

82’- Clean sheet no more after Martinez losses the ball in the final third and Higuain launches a rocket of a shot that finds the back of the net.

79’- Bedoya has entered the ref’s black book with a yellow card.

75’- Double Switch for the Union here with Aaronson and Sullivan coming on for Gazdag and Burke. We also have a hydration break here.

69’- Another Miami change is being made with Vassilev replacing Taylor.

66’- GOOOOOAAAALLLL from a set peice. The service goes off Burke’s header which then deflects off the goalkeeper's hand and finds the back of the net. 2-nil

63’- Great counter here by the U. Gazdag free down the right side of the field and Carranza running up the middle. Gazdag crosses it to Carranza who gets tangled up with a Miami player and goes down inside the box. No penalty was called even though Carranza was appealing for one.

61’- Union making their first change with Carranza coming on against his former team, Miami. He replaces Uhre who had a solid evening.

60’- Miami making a second change here bringing on Higuain for Rodriguez.

57’- Union with another corner here, once again from the near flag. The service goes towards the far post and is headed out of the penalty area. The second chance ball is sent into the penalty area but is grabbed by the goalkeeper.

56’- Union’s corner from the near flag is sent to the near post and goes out for a throw-in.

53’- The Miami set piece comes from the right side, it's played low and cleared out of danger by Uhre. Eventually, Miami gets a corner. The kick is sent into the box and punched out by Blake.

52’- Miami gets a free kick after a foul by Martinez.

47’- Play is stopped as Lower is down after getting an elbow into the back from his own teammate.

46’- After a slight delay, the ref whistled for the second half to get started.

Half- Miami made a change for the start of the second half, Sailor is coming on to replace Mabika.

45+6’- We passed the five minutes of stoppage time. The half ends with a cross from Miami into the penalty area, but Yedlin could not get a head on it.

45+3’ - Miami’s Duke is shown a yellow card for persistent fouling.

45+1’- We will have a minimum of 5 minutes of stoppage time.

42’- Miami player goes down after a challenge from Flach, the players look to appeal for the penalty. However, as the play continues they get a shot off and it is stopped by a diving Blake.

40’- Corner is played short and passed back to Wagner. He then dribbles towards the end line and crosses it to Bedoya, who heads it over the bar.

39’- Another corner here for the Union, their seventh of the evening. Wondering how many corners Miami has had so far, that answer is zero.

36’- After the game got back underway it gets stopped as Burke goes down at the top of the box. He is on the ground holding his lower leg, the training staff is out and looking at his ankle.

34’- Play gets back underway with a goal kick from All-Star Andre Blake. Then it is stopped again as Duke is back on the grab holding the same area of his chest from earlier.

31’ - We have ourselves a hydration break, so play has been stopped for now.

25’- Gazdag is lined up at the spot and looks to be taking the kick. The check is complete and is confirmed for a penalty kick. Gazdag starts his run and converts the straight down the middle kick. Union up 1-nil.

24’- Uhre goes down inside the top right corner of the box and the ref points to the spot.

22’- Miami’s Emerson gets a shot off but it goes wide of the net.

18’- The Union’s next corner kick ends after Martinez’s fouls a Miami player.

14’- The kick comes from the far flag and it goes towards the back post, but it is far from any player and goes out of play.

13’- Fourth corner for the Union tonight. Wagner sets up to deliver the service again and once again it will be from the far flag. The service goes out of play for yet another corner kick.

11’- Great play with Burke and Uhre working up top and Uhre gets a pass on the right side of the penalty area. His shot goes off the goalkeeper for a corner kick.

7’- Play resumes. Mbaizo picked up the ball on the right side but was called for offsides.

6’- Play is stopped as Miami’s Dike is down after colliding with Burke off the Union corner. Duke gets up holding his ribs and walks off the pitch.

5’- Uhre gets the ball at the center top of the box and powers it onto goal. However, Miami’s goalkeeper punches it over the net.

3’- The first corner of the game goes to the Union. It is played near the post but then cleared out by Miami.

1’- We have ourselves a game in Fort Lauderdale. Union are in their dark blue and will be attacking from the left to the right.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

Newly signed ‘permanent transfer’ Carranza will start on the bench

Columbus Crew


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

QUESTIONABLE: Jack Elliott (knee)

Inter Miami CF

  • OUT: Robbie Robinson (hamstring)

How to Watch

Where: DRV PNK Stadium
When: 8:08 p.m.; Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Streaming: (Philly Market), MLS Live on ESPN+
Radio: Fox Sports The Gambler 1480 AM and 105.3 HD2
Audio Streaming: IHeart Radio App, Fox Sports The Gambler


REF: Marcos DeOliveira
AR1: Jose Da Silva
AR2: Kevin Klinger
4TH: Silviu Petrescu
VAR: Malik Badawi
AVAR: Craig Lowry