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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 2 vs NYCFC 1, Final

If the Union win at home tonight, they will reclaim the top spot in the east

Morgan Tencza

Game Updates

90+11’ - Refree Villarreal ends the game after the discussion with VAR. The Union pick up 3 points and now sit at the top of the east.

90+9’ - Play is stopped and it looks like the ref is having a conversation with VAR about a possible handball inside the Union’s penalty area.

90+8’ - Play is resumed and Burke runs towards the box and his shot is blocked by Johnson.

90+6’ - Martinez has a goal...but what a minute here as it looks like the ball deflects off a player who is offside. However, the ref is signaling for the monitor and he comes back and points to the center. We have a GOALLLLLL from Burke. His first since March.

90+5’ - Play is stopped after an NYCFC player goes down after ‘soft’ contact between the two.

90+1’ - We will see at least 6 minutes of stoppage time here at the end of the game.

89’ - Castellanos lines up and stutters step and then sends it to the back of the net as Blake chose to dive the wrong way.

87’ - Wagner slides down to block a shot and it appears to go off his arm or head. Whatever happens, the ref has pointed at the spot. Wagner is very upset and is telling the ref to look at the monitor, but the ref isn’t having any of it.

85’ - Harriel and an NYCFC get tangled up and go down inside the box. NYCFC appealing for a penalty the ref says play on.

81’- We have a dropped ball and the game resumes. Right after the restart, we have a foul, and Carranza is shown a yellow card.

80’ - Castellanos and Martinez hug it out, and then the ref shows Taty a yellow card.

79’ - And what maybe a first, trainer Paul Rushing has been shown a red card. Yellows to Callens and Moralez.

76’ - Play is stopped here for a possible head injury to Carranza. While the training staff is on the pitch, and FS1 goes to a replay they come out of it and there is a huge dustup on the field. Looks like words spoken between the U’s training staff and an NYCFC player.

74’ - Same thing happens this time the ball is headed out of the penalty area and the second chance ball goes out for a goal kick.

73’ - Corner for NYCFC is played towards the middle and Elliott gets a head on it. So we are going to reset and do it from the opposite corner.

69’ - NYCFC making their second change of the match. Rodriguez comes off and is replaced by Pereira.

65’ - Union making their first change of the night here bringing in Burke for Uhre. I’m not one to second guess someone, but I’m intrigued to see what the reason is for this. I would tend to think you would want to keep him in, especially how early on in this game he was finding ways to get to the net.

62’ - Bedoya running up the right side, he passes it to Gazdag who gives it right back to Bedoya and the shot goes out for a corner. Off the corner, Elliott commits a foul in the box.

50’ - Martinez is back down on the pitch, and the training staff is out to look at him. The replay shows him grabbing for his leg a little late after possible contact with a Magno.

46’ - The game gets back underway with the Union attacking towards the River End. From a fan standpoint, I always love it when the second half is played with the U shooting into the River End. Probably because since 2011, I have been going to games, and that is where our seats are.

Halftime - NYCFC made a double sub during their time in the dressing room. Bringing on Amundsen and Tinnerholm. The two replace Gloster and Gray.
These are the first minutes for Tinnerholm in 9 months.

45+3- Whistle Blown, and the teams are now heading into the dressing room for halftime.

45+1’ - NYCFC with a corner kick here, and it is sent straight to an outstretch Blake. We will have at least three minutes of stoppage time before the half.

41’ - NYCFC finally got a good look on the net, but Blake saves it. However, Flach is down, and the training staff is looking at him. While this is happening, Blake gives his teammates some tactile instructions after not being happy with that shot.

40’ - Hey, we are 40 minutes into this game, and I won’t lie, I don’t think NYCFC got on the bus from the baseball stadium.

30’ - Union pickoff a terrible pass, but the quick reflexes by Sean Johnson stops the Union shot from Carranza.

27’ - NYCFC corner is sent in low and easily handled by the Union. Moralez runs over to the assisted referee and starts yelling at him about the call.

21’ - Another corner here; this one is from the far flag. Wagner delivers a swinger to the middle of the box, and Johnson punches it out of the penalty area.

20’ - Delivery from the free-kick goes into the box, and the Union gets a shot off, but Johnson saves it. The corner from the near flag amounts to nothing.

16’ - In the last few minutes. An NYCFC’s Magno goes down in front of the NYCFC’s penalty area, but play continues. There should have gotten his second goal of the night, but he couldn’t redirect the ball that he picked up steps in front of NYCFC’s goalkeeper Sean Johnson. Then finally, the Union drew a foul on the left side of the penalty area.

12’ - Union draws a foul after Moralez goes hard on Martinez. During the stoppage, we also have our first yellow card of the match. That card was issued to NYCFC Rodriguez.

9’ - GOOOALLLL for the UNNNIION! Bedoya running down the right side and having plenty of space, finds a streaking Uhre. As a defender slides down to block the ball, Uhre gets a foot on it, and it slowly rolls into the back of the net. Union gets on the board early in this game.

6’ - NYCFC earns a free-kick from about 35 yards out. It is sent into the near post and headed out by the Union.

1’ - Whistle is blown, and we are underway in Chester. Union is wearing the dark blue and gold kits and is defending the River end here in the first half.

Pre-game - Brenden Aaronson had the honors of beating the drum this evening.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

New York City FC


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

  • QUESTIONABLE: Jesus Bueno (calf)


  • OUT: Thiago Martins (lower body)

How to Watch

Philadelphia Union vs. NYCFC
6:25 p.m.
Subaru Park
TV: FS1, FOX Deportes
Radio: Fox Sports The Gambler 1480 AM and 105.3 HD2
Audio Streaming: IHeart Radio App, Fox Sports The Gambler


REF: Armando Villarreal
AR1: Matthew Nelson
AR2: Jose Da Silva
4TH: Guido Gonzales Jr
VAR: Jorge Gonzalez
AVAR: Mike Kampmeinert