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Casa Soccer League announces new division with promotion to Eastern Premier Soccer League

Casa will start a new division this fall with a promotion playoff to the Eastern Premier Soccer League and opportunity for state and national cup competitions

Casa Soccer League is starting a new division this fall that will create a pathway for teams to earn promotion into the Eastern Premier Soccer League and compete in state and national cup competitions, the two leagues announced this week.

Casa is joining other state affiliate leagues in launching a new feeder division to the EPSL, which started the now eight-team Delaware River Conference last fall.

“Casa is excited to help the EPSL with their efforts in the building of a truly open amateur soccer pyramid via a system of interleague promotion/relegation agreements akin to what the rest of the soccer world has,” Casa president Nolan Bair wrote in an email. “We are looking forward to creating a new Sunday 11v11 division to feed into the EPSL. Casa and EPSL hold similar values; a system based on sporting merit can achieve so much in a short period of time.”

Beginning with the 2022-23 season, the champion of the new Casa division will be eligible to be promoted to the EPSL, and the runner-up will play in a promotion playoff against the second-from-the-bottom EPSL team. In addition to the potential for promotion, teams in the new Casa division will also be eligible to participate in state and national cup competitions.

“We are thrilled to add Philadelphia-based Casa to the EPSL family,” EPSL President Mo Sheta stated in a news release. “This adds another piece to building a proper promotion/relegation system in the Eastern United States. Together both organizations will be providing a platform to serve the players at reasonable cost with practicable travel distance.”

Casa is joining the EPSL’s other regional affiliated partners like New York’s Cosmopolitan league, New Jersey’s GSSL, Maryland’s Major Soccer League and others in building a system of amateur league affiliations in the region.

Casa Soccer League was founded in 2005 and has grown at the 11v11 level to 86 teams across seven divisions while offering a wide range of soccer programs in the region for 12,000 members across 300 teams.