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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 1 Nashville SC 1, Final

Union are set to take on the team that use to be in the Eastern Conference

Morgan Tencza

Game Updates

90+6’ - We have the final whistle.

90+5’ - Corner kick for the Union here and right before it Real came on for Flach. The ball is driven straight to the goal keeper.

90’+1 - We will see at least four minutes of stoppage time here.

89’ - Penso heads over to the monitor for a possible hand ball off of Burke. After a look at the monitor he is sticking with the on field decision.

83’ - Handball by Martinez and the ref points to the spot. Nashville lines up for the kick and it goes past Blake.

82’ - Nashville gets their 11th corner of the match and it did not get past the near post.

78’ - Play is stopped and the training staff is out to look at Glesnes.

76’ - Leal earns a yellow card

75’ - Sullivan comes on to replace Uhre.

66’ - HISTORY IN NASHVILLE as the first goal in GEODIS Park belongs to the Philadelphia Union’s designated player Mikael Uhre. It is also the danish player’s first MLS goal.

64’ - Carranza is replaced by Burke for the U’s first sub of the match.

63’ - Martinez earns the U’s second yellow card for a late challenge.

60’ - Wagner earns the Union’s first yellow card of the match for dissent.

56’ - Corner here for Nashville and the Union head it out for a throw-in. Which after a few bounces between players it goes out for a corner and is eventually cleared by the Union.

52’ - Free kick from the right side of the field. Wagner sends it into the penalty area, and the second chance ball falls to Bedoya but goes out for a courner. Which was well defended by Nashville.

49’ - Davis wins the ball but goes studs up into Carranza and earns a yellow card.

46’ - Second half is now underway.

Highlights from the first half

45+3’ - Combo play from the top of the box by the Union here and Carranza misses wide of the net as the ball goes untouched in front of the net.

45+1’ - We will see at least 4 minutes of stoppage time here.

45’ - Nashville corner is played towards the closest post and after a few shots the ball is cleared out.

40’ - Wagner sends a free kick into the penalty area, Uhre sends the ball directly at Willis who makes the easy save.

36’ - Another long throw-in from Wagner here, after the ball is cleared out Martinez is clocked by Alex Muyl who earns a yellow. Training staff is now on the pitch checking Martinez out.

33’ - Wagner with a long throw-in from the near side and it bounces around inside the box. Harriel picks the ball up just outside the box on the right side and finds himself on the wrong side of a strong challenge from Nashville’s Lovitz. Lovitz earns a yellow card for the challenge. The first card from the ref today.

31’ - Corner for Nashville and it ends up as a goal kick after some miscommunication between Nashville.

30’ - Stop me if you heard this before, Blake stopped the ball. Because its the fourth time in this first half that he has done some acrobatic moves to keep the ball out of the net.

22’ - Corner for Nashville here, Its played into the box and an incredible save by Andre Blake keeps the game leveled. By incredible I mean Blake’s reaction time to get low and block the shot off his leg was nothing short of awesome.

18’ - Corner here for the Union and it was played well far of any player. Which leads to a counter for Nashville, Harriel commits a foul but Penso plays advantage. The ball finally finds itself out of player in the Philly side of the field.

14’ - First corner kick of the game here and it goes to Nashville. From the far flag it is sent into the penalty area and cleared out by Philly. The second chance ball comes in on the ground and that one was also cleared out by the U.

7’ - Nashville again with a shot from outside the 18 and it goes off the hands of Blake and bounces off the crossbar. Game still leveled at zero.

5’ - Thrown-in from the far side is thrown into the center of the box. The U get a head on it to clear it outside of the penalty area. However, Dax McCarty’s shot hits off the goal post.

3’ - Great attack from the Union here that had a great setup from outside the box. Mikael Uhre’s shot that was heading into the bottom right side of the net is blocked.

1’ - We have soccer for the first time in GEODIS Park. The Union are attacking from right to left and are wearing their new dark blue kits.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

Nashville SC


In what is a first for the league, husband and wife Chris and Tori Penso are officiating a game together.
Referee: Chris Penso
Ast. Referee 1: Jeremy Hanson
Ast. Referee 2: Mike Rottersman
Fourth official: Tori Penso
VAR: Kevin Terry Jr
Ast. VAR: Eric Weisbrod

How to Watch