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PRO Referees’ ‘Inside Video Review’ shows breakdown of disallowed Kai Wagner goal

The goal would have given the Union a 2-1 lead before Julian Carranza was called for offside

PRO Referee’s Inside Video Review’s most recent episode included a look at Kai Wagner’s goal against Toronto FC that was called back for an offside offense on Julian Carranza.

After audio from the VAR box combined with visuals from different camera angles on the pitch, the video shows referee Alex Chilowicz as he verifies that Carranza is in an offsides position. Chilowicz then decides after further video review that Carranza is standing in Toronto goalkeeper Alex Bono’s line of vision, and calls the goal back for the offsides offense.

The decision took back what would have been the Union’s second goal of the game and given them a 2-1 lead going into halftime. Philadelphia ultimately suffered their first loss of the season at Toronto after Alejandro Pozuelo scored in the 51st minute and TFC won 2-1.

Inside Video Review did not cover the controversial call in which Wagner was tackled by Toronto’s Jayden Nelson, who received a yellow card for the foul. Nelson later was suspended for one match for the tackle, and Major League Soccer reportedly called head coach Jim Curtin to apologize for the decision.