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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 2 vs NYCFC 0, Final

Soccer played on a baseball field

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Philadelphia Union Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Game Updates

90+6’ - Another shot goes out for a goal kick and for the first time in their 8th trip to the baseball stadium the Union have won.

90+5’ - Castellanos gets space in box and the ball at his feet, but his shot goes high over the crossbar for a goal kick.

90+1’ - Great run by Burke however no one committed to run opposite of him so when Burke sent a low cross to the near post no one was there to get a shot off.

90’ - We will have SIX minutes of stoppage time. You can thank the meeting of the two teams when play was stopped for this amount of time.

89’ - Corner for the Union and it is sent in and Gazdag gets a head on it but it hits the post and the ref calls him offsides.

85’ - Magno earns their 4th yellow card of the match after a hard sliding tackle on Flach.

78’ - Second Sub here for the Union as Sullivan comes on for Santos. NYCFC makes a double switch bringing on Gloster and Andrade who replace Amundsen and Rodríguez.

76’ - Union earn a corner here, the swinging ball bounces around a bunch of players and eventually goes out of play for a goal kick.

74’ - Burke earns a yellow card after running in Moralez who lowers his head to try and advance a ball.

73’ - Castellanos and Wagner earns yellow cards for the brush up.

69’ - We have some pushing and shoving going on after Castellanos tries to rip the ball out of Blakes hands. Glesness is trying to pull Martinez away from NYCFC Players. Johnson comes all the way up to the field. Wagner and Castellanos are with the Ref pulled.

67’ - Gazdag earns a card on a fould that he needed to make.

65’ - Burke comes on for Carranza. This is the first sub of the game for the Union/

62’ - Corner for NYCFC from the far flag is played in and then goes out on the near side for a corner. Off the third corner attempt the ball is played towards the far post and then Harriel on the goal line gets a head on it to clear it off the line.

50’ - NYCFC’s Rodriguez earns a yellow for throwing the ball away.

46’ - Second half is now underway. NYCFC made two changes at half bringing on Heber and Acevado. The dup replaced Jasson and Parks.

45+3’ - Wagner off a corner kick is sent to the far post and it is sent to the near post where Santos pokes it to the back of the net, but after a check he is ruled off sides. That is also how the half ends as teams head to the dressing room at 1:59 PM.

45+1’ - We will have at least three minutes of stoppage time here.

40’ - Blake grabs the ball in the air and then goes down on the field. Looks like he gets the edge of a boot to the leg. He is back up and is doing Andre Blake things.

38’ - Union corner from the near flag and Wagner sends it to the middle and it is out for a corner. After the redo Carranza tries to head it into the far post but the angle isn’t right and it goes out for a goal kick.

33’ - Make it 3 straight for Gazdag! Harriel overlaps with Bedoya gets the ball and sends a low cross to the back of the net where Gazdag is on a run and punches the ball to the back of the net. 2-0 Union

31’ - After VAR the red card on Elliott is canceled, and so is the PK as a handball is called on Rodriguez.

28’ - RED CARD is shown to Jack Elliott. In replay it shows Ted Unkle pointing at the spot. Replay looks like it is a handball and now Unkle is taking the long jog past the pitching mound to take a closer look.

25’ - Union have a free kick from about 22 yards out. The kick is driven into the wall and the second chance shot reaches Johnson, who handles it with ease.

23’ - NYCFC corner is taken quickly and cleared by the Union.

19’ - Free kick from the Union are sent into the penalty area and Elliott’s header goes over the net.

17’ - First corner of the game here and it is NYCFC lining up at the near flag. Its played short and cleared out by the Union.

14’ - Carranza earns the Union’s first Yellow Card.

12’ - Off the restart, Wagner drives it into the penalty area and the first touch is sent towards the left of the penalty area to a streaking Bedoya who sends it to the back of the net. Union strike first.

11’ - We have our first card of the came as Jasson went in for a late challenge.

9’- Foul called on NYCFC after Wagner gets hit in the head. Off the restart the Union attacked up the right side and got an angle on goal, went for the shot but it was weak.

5’ - Blake saves an awkward shot from NYCFC, luckily they were not able to get some power behind the it.

1’ - We have soccer in a baseball stadium. The Union are wearing their dark blues and are attacking towards the right.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

New York City FC


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

  • QUESTIONABLE: Stuart Findlay (knee sprain)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Mikael Uhre (quad strain)

New York City FC

  • OUT: Anton Tinnerholm (Achilles Tendon)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Tayvon Gray (lower body)

How to Watch

Where: Yankee Stadium, New York City, New York
When: 1:08 p.m.; Saturday, March 19, 2022
TV: 6abc
Streaming: (Philly Market), MLS Live on ESPN+
Radio: Fox Sports The Gambler 1480 AM and 105.3 HD2
Audio Streaming: IHeart Radio App, Fox Sports The Gambler


Referee: Ted UNKEL
Lineman 1: Frank ANDERSON
Lineman 2: Kathryn NESBITT
Fourth official: Luis ARROYO
Assisted VAR: Tom SUPPLE