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Rate the U: No problem with lack of depth at forward

Union beat the Earthquakes 2-0

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Philadelphia Union Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was suppose to have plenty of highlights from super sub Ilsinho night with the former player hitting the big drum to the home debut of Mikael Uhre. Well that was the thought until minutes before the selection was announced. That is when we learned that Uhre was unavailable due to a quad injury. This on top of the suspension of Juan Carranza made for a depleted attacking core.

As the game went on it would show that it really wasn’t a problem, even if the front two spent a time down on the pitch. Corey Burke and Sergio Santos exposed one of the issues with San Jose’s backline, they would easily be able to get behind them and were able to get plenty of one-v-one situations. While they were able to create the chances it really showed the issue as to why the Union went out and broth it Uhre and Carranza, as the pair struggled with the finishing. There were a few times either they hesitant to take the shot, or pulled it a little wide.

While the Union were able to pull out three points, it was also the first clean sheet of the season. One of the reasons for the stellar defense was because of the high press the boys in blue typically play at home. The press was a great counter defense to the Earthquakes and the Union were picking up plenty of turnovers near midfield. As for the Union’s goalkeeper Andre Blake, it was a quiet night because out of the 9 shots and 5 corners San Jose had there was only 1 shot on goal.

Enough about my thoughts; we want to know what you thought of the performances? Rate the players and head coach Jim Curtin and provide feedback on the match in our Community Player Ratings Poll.