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Media Mayhem Four-Peat: Tally for Starfinder Foundation now $8,000

Zach Richman picked up where Jonathan Bach left off, winning the Union’s Media Mayhem tournament for Starfinder Foundation

Matt Ralph

Different gamer, same result.

Zach Richman represented Brotherly Game and earned another $2,000 for Starfinder Foundation by winning the fourth annual Union Media Mayhem FIFA Tournament at Subaru Park on Wednesday night.

Richman didn’t concede a goal until the final when he faced off against Arjun from Al Día News. The match went to extra time with Richman scoring the golden goal.

Jonathan Bach won the tournament the first three years but decided not to compete this year. Instead he was there to support and give pointers.

“It feels great, especially since I had Jon in my corner coaching me a bit,” Richman said. “That entire last game was pressure from Jonathan winning it the first three years.”

The win brings the total winnings for Starfinder Foundation to $8,000 since the first year of the annual competition in 2019.

“Especially after the challenging few months we have had, both navigating the lasting impact of the pandemic on our youth—who already experience tremendous adversity, and dealing with flood damage from Hurricane Ida, it has been so wonderful to count on our friends and supporters in the soccer community to get us through these times,” Starfinder executive director Andrea Rodgers said. “Brotherly Game has always been an advocate for Starfinder and the work that we do, and even more to know that our mission is also so personal for Jonathan, and now Zach, just means so much.”

Brotherly Game contributor Paul Catrino, founder of the mental health advocacy-focused soccer team Sporting Serotonin and a host of the Views From the Bridge podcast, also competed in the event and was one win away from facing Richman in the final.

The event was held in the eSports Hub in Subaru Park, which is open for free game play during home games.

For more information on Starfinder Foundation and how you can support their work in the community, visit