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Community Corner: Who else should bang the drum this season?

The Philadelphia Union introduced a new gigantic drum that club legend Sébastien Le Toux broke in before the season opener Saturday

Carl Gulbish

There was one new addition to Subaru Park that was impossible to miss at the season opener against Minnesota United on Saturday afternoon: a new drum.

The new oversized drum with the Philadelphia Union logo on it was wheeled out onto the field during pre-game and the lone Ring of Honor member (so far) Sébastien Le Toux did the honors to break it in.

The pregame activity brings to mind the ringing of the bell the Philadelphia 76ers do before every game, something diehard Sixers fan Jim Curtin and some of his players have done before. It’s both an excuse to get to your seat early and a chance to enlist celebrity guests in a fan-uniting activity.

There will be at least 16 more opportunities to have someone bang the drum this season at Subaru Park.

What guest drummers would you invite to do the honor if you were in charge of booking?