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Rate the U: Mistakes lead to draw

The Union had plenty of ‘silly turnovers’ during the came and end up with a 1-1 draw

Jack Verdeur

The players’ performance in Saturday afternoon’s game really let you know that it was a season opener. Especially for the defense in the first half. Plenty of mental mistakes were made which turned into some costly turnovers.

One of those mistakes was made by Olivier Mbaizo. Mbaizo got beat by Minnesota United’s Franco Fragapane. Fragapane was then able to send a cross to the middle of the box to a wide open late-running Robin Lod, who would convert the finish for Minnesota’s first goal of the season (and the first MLS goal of the season as well).

It seemed like the game plan was to attack the near post on set pieces. However, after the first 9 were really unsuccessful, maybe a change was needed. However, out of the 11 the Union earned, there was maybe two played either short or toward the far post. If we were playing Football Manager, this would have been a tactic I tried to change on the fly.

But at the end of the day all anyone really cares about is did we get points out of the match, which we got one thanks to a header from Cory Burke off a nasty cross from Jakob Glesnes, who continues to answer an emphatic no to the question “is there anything he can’t do?”

Enough about my thoughts; we want to know what you thought of the performances? Rate the players and head coach Jim Curtin and provide feedback on the match in our Community Player Ratings Poll.