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Philadelphia Union acquires $250,000 in allocation from Houston Dynamo for international spot

The Union acquired an additional international roster spot in the Jamiro Monteiro trade

Matt Ralph

The Philadelphia Union has acquired $250,000 in general allocation money for a surplus international spot they acquired in a deal that sent Jamiro Monteiro to the San Jose Earthquakes.

The Union traded the 2022 international spot to the Houston Dynamo for allocation money they can use next season.

With Cory Burke and now Sergio Santos in the process of finalizing green cards, the Union still has three international spots open on the roster.

The five active international players on the roster are Jesus Bueno, Stuart Findlay, Daniel Gazdag, Jose Martinez and Mikael Uhre.

MLS teams start every offseason with eight international spots. The spots can be dealt on a season-long basis. The Union had nine spots after acquiring one in the trade that sent Monteiro to the Earthquakes.

The Union also received $250,000 in general allocation money for 2022 and up to $200,000 in general allocation money for next season tied to performance in the Monteiro trade.