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Unique fan ‘Media Day’ planned for 2022 kit launch

Fans can get photos and videos taken in the new kits

Get ready for a Philadelphia Union kit reveal. The team announcing, they will host a 2022 kit launch fan experience on Saturday February 19th. You can RSPV for the event here. The launch event runs from 10 am until 4 pm.

Once you RSVP, get ready for what the U are calling your own ‘Media Day’ experience. This includes everything from photos to videos, all things a Union player would go through on launch day. The team also saying that you will get sent everything so now when the Union score during the season, you can post your own gif of yourself in the new kit.

The RSVP will also allow people to receive an email and have a kit waiting for you when you arrive at the Union shop Saturday.

It was just this past Monday when the Union posted a video showing the previous six primary jerseys. At the end of the 15 second video, you can see a hint of navy blue.