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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 3 vs LAFC 3 (3), Final (MLS CUP)

Both teams are competing to win their first ever MLS CUP

Morgan Tencza

Game Updates

Fourth attempt - LAFC converts and wins the game and the Cup.

Third attempt- LAFC converts and the Union’s attempt is saved.

Second attempt - LAFC goes by Blake and hits off the top of the crossbar. Union’s chance is savved by McCarthy.

First attempt - LAFC misses as Blake guesses correctly and dives left to make the save. Union’s shot is high of the net as Carranza slips.

Penalty Kicks- Union will shoot second.

120+10’- Corner for the Union. Wagner is at the far flag and it's deflected out. Penalty kicks are upon us.

120+7’ - BALE comes with his ponytail and gets above Elliott to head the ball into the corner of the net

120+4 - Elliott taps the ball in to put the Union up 3-2. Madness breaks out here inside Subaru Park.

120’+1- Burke is down and coming off after that collision. Coming on his Donovan for his SEVENTH appearance. Also we will have 9 minutes of stoppage time.

118- The free kick is driven into the wall and then goes out of play for a throw.

115’- The yellow card has been elevated to a red.

109’- Burke and the goalkeeper goes down. The goalkeeper who denied an obvious scoring chance gets a yellow card. Looks like McCarthy is getting warmed up.

106’- game resumes and the Union we're close to getting a goal. The ball eventually goes out for a corner but the service is a waste and ends with a foul.

105’- LAFC who obviously doesn't read scouting reports tried a long distance shot and it was nothing for Blake. Whistle is blown and we have 15 minutes left.

104’- A deep cross from the left side of the field finds Carranza but the shot goes over the bar.

97’- Vela is out and Bale comes on for LAFC.

92’- Blake off the line and and the ball gets deflected giving LAFC a wide open net but the striker could not get on the ball and it goes out of play.

91’- Extra time has gotten underway in LA.

90+8’- Final whistle. The Cup couldn't be handed out in 90 minutes. So we will be playing an extra 30.

90+5’- LAFC with a set piece here towards the end of stoppage time. It's sent in and the deflection goes into the hands of BLAKE.

90+1’ - 7 minutes of stoppage time.

86’- Elliott ties the game with a head

84’- Aaronson has come on for potentially his final minutes as a member of the Union.

82’- LAFC Corner from the far flag. Service is sent into the box and they get a head on it to send it to the back of the net. Silence has fallen here in Subaru Park.

80’- a foul was commit in the box ending the Union’s opportunity here as we enter the final 10 minutes.

79’- corner for the U is played short and the McGlynm gets fouled on the right side of the penalty area.

74’- LAFC making a change here Arango is replaced with Kwadwo Opoku.

70’- Burke comes on to replace Uhre. Bringing a lot of energy for the final 20+ minutes.

64’- Cifuentes is shown a yellow card for knocking Blake over. No one touches him and he a away with it.


55’- Play is now stopped because Mbaizo getsfan elbow in the head. Arango comes back on the field now.

53’- Arango is down after getting an elbow in the head from Elliott. He is now on the side getting looked at.

46’- game resumes.

45+2’- We have reached halftime.

45+1’ - There will be at least one minute of stoppage time. But as soon as it started Carranza gets an elbow in the head.

42’- Union with a great chance but waited to long to pull the trigger. Then LAFC has a chance to go up 2 but couldn’t finish.

38’- Full stretch from Blake there to keep the ball out of the net.

37’- Carranza skies his shot from inside the penalty area. He got the ball from Mbaizo who did some great work down the right side.

31’- Uhre fouled at the top of the box and Elliott is the one to take the free kick. It's driven straight into the wall and wasn't a threat.

27’- Martinez commits a foul on LAFC just outside the box at the top center. The ball deflects off the wall and goes into the back of the net. LAFC goes up 1-0.

20’- Second corner for the Union and it's driven low and cleared out. Wagner resets and sends it back in for the goalkeeper to miss the punch out. However the shot at the top of the box is high.

15’- LAFC’s set peice from a dangerous spot is easily caught by Blake.

14’- Elliott goes down for a tackle and misses the ball. He also earned the first yellow card of the game because of that decision.

11’- Vela gets a shot off from inside the box, but it goes high and lands on top of the net.

1’- 90 minutes from now one team will be crowned champions. Union are in the electric blue kits.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union


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How to watch at home
Where: Banc of California Stadium
When: 4:05 p.m.; Saturday, November 5th, 2022
TV: FOX, Univision, TUDN
Streaming: (Philly DMA)

Referee: Ismail Elfath
Ast. Referee 1:Corey Rockwell
Ast. Referee 2:Ian Anderson
Fourth official: Joseph Dickerson
VAR: Drew Fischer
Ast. VAR: Jeff Muschik