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MLS Playoffs Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 1 FC Cincinnati 0, Final

Flach scores his first goal of the season to help the Union advance

Carl Gulbish

Game Updates

90+6 - Tim Ford blows the whistle after a block by Flach.

90+1’- Six minutes is all that stands between the boys in blue and the eastern finals.

90’- Union just missed a second goal with the ball bouncing between three players who were right in front of the net.

89’- Corner from the near flag for the U. Wagner drives it towards the near post and no one was able to connect with it. Sends the second chance ball in and it goes out for another corner.

86’- Union makes a changer here bringing on Real for McGlynn.

85’- If there is anyone who deserves a statue in Chester, the three-time goalkeeper of the year is making his case, with another big save here in the second half.

82’- Gazdag was shown a yellow for kicking the ball away after a hard foul is committed by Martinez, also given a yellow. Acosta launches the free kick over the net.

79’- Play continues even though the Union has two players down. On the other side of the field, the ball goes out for a corner kick, even though it goes off the Cincy player.

71’- Blake with another huge save and the crowd starts chanting MVP!

68’- A few changes here as Burke comes in for Uhre. Cincy brings on Matarrita for former Union player Alvas Powell.

67’- Play is stopped after Mbaizo tried to clear the ball up the line and it goes straight into Cincy’s Barreal’s face, who was on the ground. Mbaizo is shown a yellow card for that. Rightfully so, but by the sounds on the telecast Cincy’s sideline doesn’t agree.

59’- Union gets the ball forward. Uhre gets pulled down inside the box as he is surrounded by three orange jerseys. However, the ball falls to Flach for a one-timer shot and it goes into the back of the net. UNION ARE ON THE BOARD 1-nil.

58’- Miazga gets a yellow for pulling down Martinez. It came while Cincy was setting up for a corner.

55’- Wagner has the ball and starts to go up the field, and then he goes down. As the play resumes both key players look to be dealing with some pain but are staying on the pitch.

54’- Training staff is out to look at Martinez, who just goes to the ground with no one around him.

51’- Blake shows why he is the goalkeeper of the year with this outstretched hand to force a corner. The corner also amounts to nothing. But Cincy is getting plenty of chances here early in the second half.

50’ - A bad touch by Carranza at the top of the box forces the Union on defense.

46’- Teams are on the pitch and the conference semifinal game resumes.

Half- Teams are heading to the dressing rooms. Plenty of chippiness from both sides in the first half.

45’- We will have a minimum of three minutes here in stoppage time.

35’- Play is stopped as Acosta is down after what appears to be a non-contact foul.

30’- Blake dives and Cincy mistimes a sliding player, who could have gotten a foot on it, but ultimately the shot is wide of the net.

25’- Cincy’s Hagglund earns a yellow card.

17’- Corner kick here for the Union and it eventually ends with a throw-in for Philly after three chances are sent into the box from the U.

14’- Another free kick for the Union and the cross finds Carranza’s head which goes wide of the net and out for a Cincinnati goal kick.

8’- Union corner is sent to the far post and then is cleared wide. The second chanced ball is sent back into the penalty area and Gazdag gets a header off but the ball goes wide of the net.

6’- Philadelphia Union with a long ball sent over the top and Carranza gets a shot off from a difficult angle and it's saved by the goalkeeper.

2’- FC Cincinnati with an early corner kick. It ended up not being a problem as FC Cincinnati committed a foul inside the box.

1’- The playoffs get underway in Chester. The Union are in the dark Blue and Gold kits and are defending the River End here in the first half.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

FC Cincinnati


Referee: Timothy Ford
Ast. Referee 1: Nick Uranga
Ast. Referee 2: Jeremy Kieso
Fourth official: Marcos de Oliveira
VAR: Kevin Stott
Ast. VAR: Michael Kampmeinert