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New Philadelphia Union striker comes with a catchy chant that will teach you how to pronounce his name

Uh-re! Mikael Uh-re!

Philadelphia Union

One of the first questions a lot of Philadelphia Union fans had when the name Mikael Uhre surfaced as a possible new signing was how to properly pronounce the Danish striker’s name.

Fortunately, Uhre made such an impression at his last club — Brøndby IF — that fans came up with a catchy chant that makes the answer to that question an easy one.

You can watch fans doing the chant after a game on this YouTube video or see another version from the fans along with a version from a young fan you’ll want to share in the family chat below.

As Sons of Ben capo Jared Nisly says in his tweet, you’re going to want to learn this ahead of the season opener in Chester on February 26. The reigning Danish Superliga Golden Boot comes to the U.S. as a proven goal-scorer worthy of the team record-breaking transfer fee of $2.8 million that’s been reported.