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Open Thread: New commenting platform is live

Try out the new commenting platform with your thoughts, reactions and gifs

imago images/Gonzales Photo

If you’ve spent any time today on the site you’ll notice the new commenting platform Jeremiah Oshan teased on the site earlier this week is up and running.

It’s an exciting change here at BrotherlyGame on a day when Philadelphia Union fans finally got the news they have been waiting for for quite some time: the signing of a DP striker.

If you aren’t feeling good you probably are a fan of another Eastern Conference team at this point. While being a top team on paper doesn’t win trophies, Mikael Uhre’s addition does put the Union roster as it currently stands in very good shape to compete for hardware on three and maybe even four fronts in 2022.

Yes, there are still some other changes to the roster that might occur with outward transfers and pieces being added, but Philadelphia Union fans have all the reason to be optimistic.

Try out the new commenting platform to share your thoughts on the Uhre signing, speculate about other offseason moves and share some gifs about how you’re feeling right now.

Some of the new features of the platform include:

  • Easier embeds (just paste the Twitter/YouTube link)
  • Easier rich text shortcuts (control-B for Bold, control-I for italics)
  • Email notifications when someone replies to you
  • See who’s Rec’d your comments
  • Better flagging options and strong anti-abuse controls
  • A GIF library for easy image posting
  • Mute commenters you don’t want to see
  • Easily find the most Rec’d comments

I look forward to hearing from you and interacting on and off the site in the coming weeks and months.