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New Philadelphia Union striker Mikael Uhre will wear the No. 7 jersey

Mikael will be the fifth No. 7 in Union history

Philadelphia Union

New Philadelphia Union striker Mikael Uhre will be leading the front line in 2022 wearing the No. 7 jersey.

The Thursday announcement of the signing of Uhre to a reported Union record-shattering $2.8 million was accompanied with photos of the 27-year-old at Subaru Park holding a No. 7 Union secondary jersey.

The number hasn’t had the best of luck in recent years with Matheus Davó wearing it last season what little he played while on loan from Corinthians and Andrew Wooten wearing it during two seasons in 2020 and 2021 where he failed to live up to lofty expectations.

David Accam wore the No. 7 during his two seasons in 2018 and 2019 and Brian Carroll wore the jersey and the captain’s armband for during his seven seasons in Chester.

Current academy coach Fred DaSilva was the first to wear the No. 7 shirt in the Union’s inaugural season.