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A dozen graduates marking the end of their high school journey at YSC Academy today

Graduates include both current and former members of the Union Academy

Philadelphia Union midfielder Jack McGlynn is the lone member of this year’s graduating class on the first team
Shivant Krishnan

It’s graduation day at YSC Academy as the school affiliated with the Philadelphia Union officially marks the end of high school for a dozen members of this year’s graduating class.

The class includes first team midfielder Jack McGlynn, Dante Huckaby, Caden Stafford, Ben Martino, Mitch Budler and Mani Diop from Philadelphia Union 2 and a half dozen players who have completed their studies through the school’s YSC Academy Advantage program.

The advantage graduates include Union 2 midfielder Selmir Miscic, who is on loan this season with North Carolina FC in USL League One, his twin brother Arnel Miscic and four other former Union Academy/Union 2 players: Patrick Bohui, Maxwell Brown, Kyle Gee and Donovan Loyola.

At least half of the graduates have plans to attend college in the fall with school commitments ranging from the University of Louisville, University of Maryland, Penn State, Virginia Tech, Army West Point and Brown University.

YSC Academy Grads
Jack McGlynn, Midfielder, Philadelphia Union
Dante Huckaby, Defender, University of Louisville
Caden Stafford, Forward, University of Maryland
Mansour Diop, Defender, Penn State
Ben Martino, Goalkeeper, Virginia Tech
Mitchell Budler, Goalkeeper, Akron

YSC Academy Advantage Grads
Selmir Miscic, Midfielder, on loan with North Carolina FC
Arnel Miscic, Defender, FC Cincinnati Academy
Patrick Bohui, Forward, FC Cincinnati Academy
Donovan Loyola, Midfielder, Orlando City Academy
Maxwell Brown, Defender, Columbus Crew Academy, Army West Point
Kyle Gee, Midfielder, Charlotte Soccer Academy, Brown University