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Watch: Bajung Darboe’s free kick goal for the Union U15s

The Union 2/U17 attacker scored a beauty of a goal in the MLS Next Cup semifinals

Matt Ralph

Bajung Darboe was inserted into the Philadelphia Union U15s starting XI in their MLS Next Cup semifinal Wednesday morning and wasted little time showing why he is one of the top prospects not only in the Union system but in the country.

The 14-year-old Union 2/Union U17 striker delivered a stunning free kick in the 17th minute to put the Union up 1-0 on a New England Revolution team that was threatening to open the scoring in the first 15 minutes on the other end of the field.

Darboe was highly touted when he joined the academy last fall from Minnesota United and is a top candidate already to sign a homegrown deal with the first team.

He typically plays for Union 2 and the U17s but with a trip to a national final on the line and a live streamed contest it’s a good platform for him to play with his age group and show the country his talent. He added a second goal before halftime to put the Union up 2-0 that’s worth watching as well.