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Rate the U: Union vs Chicago Fire

Union went down twice in the match but escape the windy city with a point

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Chicago Fire Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t the prettiest game from the Union, but after going down twice in the windy city the boys in blue squeaked out a road point. Thanks to an own goal from Chicago Fire’s Boris Sekulic. It was in the 79’ minute when Bobby Shuttleworth’s deflected ball bounced of Sekulic’s shoulder and went into the back of the net.

However, it is a fitting that the final goal of the game was an own goal. As there was also an own goal that went in Chicago’s favor that started the game. It was just two minutes into the game when Jakob Glesnes went down to deflect a ball. The deflection took more of a chip shot and went over goalkeeper Andre Blake for a 1-0 lead.

Looking at the lineup, head coach Jim Curtin rotated the squad maybe a little too much. There were five changes from the match Wednesday night. Three of those changes were the first Union starts for players Quinn Sullivan, Stuart Findlay and Alvas Powell. During the game on the game thread, I spoke about how the early parts of the match left me wonder if it was too much change. Then the U headed into the half up 2-1 and I thought Jim made some great calls. I mean he is the reigning MLS coach of the year. However the final result is not acceptable for a team looking to win more hardware.

Now the rain soaked game did have one huge highlight and it came from the first start of Union’s Sullivan. By now everyone probably have seen this guy’s first MLS goal. IF you have not, do yourself a favor and look it up. It was the 28th minute, the U had a corner from the far flag. The service bounces of a Chicago player and Sullivan had time to adjust himself and then did a bicycle kick to slam it into the net. Everyone seeing that kick had one reaction, and it was perfectly caught on camera by Jack Eliott’s face, amazement.

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