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Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 3 vs Chicago Fire 3, Final

Union look to continue their unbeaten streak, this time it’s against the team which started it

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Chicago Fire Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Game Updates

90+3’ - Final whistle. This should have been a better game for the Union, especially against a bottom of the table team. Could the excuse be made that it was their third match in a week. Maybe. But still they are lucky to escape with a point from Chicago.

90’ - Union sending on some fresh legs with Real coming on for Flach. Fourth official also signals there will be three minutes of stoppage time.

86’ - Monteiro running straight up the center gets a ball from Burke. His shot is saved and goes out for a corner. Which amounted to nothing.

85’ - Chicago making another sub here on a defensive set piece. Ball is sent to the top of the box and the ball is bounced back to Gazdag. His shot goes wide of the net.

81’ - Danger by the Fire here. As they challenge Blake who goes down for the save and it gets cleared out. Kacper is on the counter with nothing but grass in front and then gets pulled down. Chicago earns the match’s seventh yellow card.

79’ - WE ARE LEVELED! Kacper goes from his right foot and then places the ball on his left and shoots it. After the save it bounces off the shoulder of a fire play and goes into the net.

78’ - Union constantly looking to the sideline for the flag and almost let another ball go into the net. Glesnes was able to block the ball and afterwards the flag came up.

73’ - The ball is sent from the right side to the left side near the 6. Kacper tries to get a shot off and slides to the ground, just as the keeper is going down for the block. The two connect and the goalkeeper stay down for a few extra seconds.

67’ - Union with the inability to defend a set piece once again in this game. Chicago sends one into the back of the net off a corner. Man this defense does not look like the 2021 defense.

62’- We have a double switch for Chicago and also earned a yellow card for throwing the ball away.

60’ - Union making a triple switch here. Gazdag comes in Sullivan. Przybylko is replacing Santos and then Mbaizo for Powell.

59’ - Looks like Jim is about to get serious, three players appear to be coming in shortly. One looked like Mbaizo.

56’ - Ugh. A curling set piece from Chicago goes to a unmarked fire player running towards the far post and it beats Blake. Terrible defense by the boys in electric blue. 2-2.

55’ - Union earn another yellow from the ref, this one goes to Powell and everyone wants to know.... WHAT IT IS FOR.

53’ - Wagner enters the ref’s book with a yellow, after he gets beat and pulls the forward down.

49’ - Union setting up for a corner kick from the far flag. Gets sent into the box untouched, Jack Elliott gets on top of the ball from outside the box. He tries to send it back in but it gets blocked by what 90% of people would call a handball. But the ball goes out for a goalkick.

46’ - Second half is back underway here.

HALFTIME - Ref blows the whistle and head into the locker room up 1. Teams went off the field at 8:59 PM. Slow start but the Union got the Doop train rolling at the end of the half.

46+2’ - GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Great recovery from Glesnes to send the ball back into the box near the feet of Cory Burke. Burke then sends it into the back of the net to put the U up. Right after the goal, Chicago’s players look visibly defeated.

45’ - We will have four minutes of stoppage time. Also now is when the Union are starting to sending long balls up the field.

44’ - Seriously this ref is soft. Fire’s Stojanovic pulls down Monteiro and earns himself a yellow card. However the clear foul earlier earned no card. Hmmm

42’ - Powell goes down to the pitch after Navarro chops him in the back of the head. NO Card issued at all.

34’ - Are you kidding me. Santos bumps the midfielder at the top of Chicago’s penalty area and he picks up a yellow. Man this ref is playing a soft game tonight.

30’ - Play is stop after a head collision between Burke and Fire’s Pineda ,Trainers are checking Burke’s nose. Game resumes at the 33’ and both teams are playing down a man.

27’ - Union earn a corner here. Sullivan with a beautiful finish. The man doing a bicycle kick and it goes to the top right corner. His first goal, and it was an amazing finish. Union levels the game.

16’ - GOOOO.... but Santos is signaled for offsides. Play started with Flack crossing the ball from the left wing into the box. The ball gets lost between players and Santos comes in to hammer it home.

10’ - First yellow card of the evening goes to Jack Elliott. Who went down for a slide tackle late after a turnover near midfield.

6’ - Fire earn a corner here. Service is from the right flag and is sent into the middle but the shot is sent over the net.

5’ - Union down a goal and down a man currently. Wagner is getting his wrist bandaged up on the sideline near the team benches. After a wrap he is back on the field.

4’ - Wagner is down and is getting looked at by medical staff. He was thrown down and slid into the ad board on the sideline.

2’ - OH NO! Not a way to start the game as Glesnes goes down to deflect a ball for a corner but chips it over Blake and into the net.

1’ - We are underway in a wet Chicago! Kickoff happened at 8:09 PM

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union

Chicago Fire

Things to watch

Jamiro Monteiro will be suspended if he receives another yellow card.


The following is a list of names from the league’s player availability report.

Philadelphia Union

  • OUT: Jack de Vries (concussion protocol)
  • OUT: Ilsinho (groin surgery)
  • OUT: Anthony Fontana (concussion protocol)
  • OUT: Jose Martinez (international duty)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Alejandro Bedoya (calf)

Chicago Fire FC

  • OUT: Przemyslaw Frankowski (international duty)
  • OUT: Gaston Gimenez (international duty)
  • OUT: Stanislav Ivanov (left knee)
  • OUT: Kenneth Kronholm (right knee)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Wyatt Omsberg (left hip)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Bobby Shuttleworth (ribs)
  • QUESTIONABLE: Carlos Teran (right shin)

How to Watch

Where: Soldier Chicago, Illinois
When: 8:08 p.m.; Saturday, June 26th
Radio: Fox Sports The Gambler 1480 AM and 105.3 HD2
Audio Streaming: iHeart Radio App, Fox Sports The Gambler
Video Streaming: (in the Philly area), ESPN+ (Outside of the Philly area)** BrotherlyGame has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though BrotherlyGame and SB Nation may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.


Referee: Fotis Bazakos
Lineman 1: Adam Wienckowski
Lineman 2: Jeremy Kieso
Fourth official: Lukasz Szpala
VAR: Alejandro Mariscal
Ast. VAR: Jeff Muschik