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Rate the U: Cory Burke heating up

Burke has goals in two of his last three matches

Morgan Tencza

After a preseason injury and a sluggish start to his 2021 campaign, Cory Burke has turned it on lately and has helped lift the offense with two goals in his last three matches for the Philadelphia Union.

Both goals were game winners, including an early goal against the New York Red Bulls that held up the rest of the way in a 1-0 win.

Burke had a 4.34 average rating in our Community Player Ratings poll. Through six games, it’s only the second time a field player has finished in the top spot. Goalkeeper Andre Blake has topped the poll four times while Jamiro Monteiro did after the loss to Inter Miami.

Blake was second, followed by Leon Flach, Jack Elliott and Jakob Glesnes.

The full results and poll question answers are below:

What was the most important play of the match?
-The goal
-Tough to pick one out but Glesnes’ cut out on Klimata’s ground cross into the six as we neared the end of the match. Just an incredibly deft play from arguably our best player on the night to help ensure the 3 points.
-Burke’s goal creation and finis
-A couple Blake saves late that kept us up
-Any time Bedoya or Flach disrupted Caden Clark
-The 1-2 combination involving Mbaizo’s shot on goal. Indicative of how dangerous and offensive minded the Union were.
-Red card

What surprised you most (good or bad) about the match?
-It was a terrible game
-Surprised by how well the Union minimized mistakes.
-NYRB’s midfield feast on sloppy midfield play.
-I think it was a good tactical move to play direct and not through Flach; this allowed Leon to get on hips as a pure defensive presence. While Casseres was still pretty great tonight, Amaya and especially Clark were silent tonight because of this tactical decision.
-Fontana was awesome
-Flach completely dominated the game
-Bedoya is slow and lazy
-Przybylko sub
-NY trying to play open
-That Santos stayed in as long as he did
-I’m surprised that the Union didn’t score more than one goal. They were buzzing all game
-Burke looked best he has all year
-Fitness on short rest - expected more subs

What other comments do you have about the match?
-Great game plan from Curtin tonight.
-Yay Sullivan!
-Solid outing by our diamond tonight.
-Last 20 was nailbiting but team kept pushing.
-Allan Chapman bites ass.
-Happy Monteiro is back where he belongs. That was pure domination. Good to see.
-Fontana’s touch was rough
-Great showing of confidence
-Leon Flach is so good for this team!
-When the team NEEDED to step up and get a win, it did.
-Despite dog tired legs, they have perservered.

Rate the U: New York Red Bulls Home, May 15

Player Total Avg.
Player Total Avg.
Cory Burke 204 4.34
Andre Blake 199 4.23
Leon Flach 195 4.15
Jack Elliott 184 3.91
Jakob Glesnes 182 3.87
Alejandro Bedoya 181 3.85
Olivier Mbaizo 179 3.81
Jim Curtin 176 3.74
Kai Wagner 175 3.72
Jamiro Monteiro 173 3.68
Anthony Fontana 155 3.3
Kacper Przybylko 146 3.11
Quinn Sullivan 144 3.06
Sergio Santos 140 2.98
Matt Real 135 2.87