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Champions League Game Thread: Philadelphia Union 4 Saprissa 0 FINAL (5-0 Aggregate)

The Union lead 1-0 heading into the second leg at home in the Round of 16

Morgan Tencza


91’ - FINAL WHISTLE at 10:03. Union move on to the quarterfinal and will be Atlanta United. The first time the boys in blue will face Atlanta since the 2019 semi-final.

90’ - Monteiro adds to his great night with another GOAL after a Saprissa miss touch. Monteiro now has 2 goals, and 2 assists on the night.

89’ - Aurelien Collin is coming into the game for Jakob Glesnes.

84’ - Saprissa with just their second corner of the game amounts to nothing.

82’- Monteiro wins the ball again and gives it Sullivan whose shot is saved.

76’ - Union making a few chances here. Kacper comes off and Sergio Santos comes on. The Cap, Bedoya comes off and is replaced with Quinn Sullivan.

75’ - Marin overthinking what to do and ends up fumbling a chance here.

69’ - More changes here for Saprissa, David Guzmán night is finished. He is replaced by Atim Roper.

67’ - Union making a sub here for Stuart Findlay and Jack McGlynn makes his Union debut. The pair replace José Martínez and Leon Flach respectively.

65’ - Saprissa finally makes their changes here. Jimmy Marin comes on for Christian Bolanos and Jonathan Martinez for Jedwin Lester

62’- An ‘alleged’ clean tackle right in front of the side ref. We almost had our first subs, but then when they were getting called to come in Saprissa sends them back to the bench.

54’ - Jamiro Monteiro with a beautiful turn at the top of the right side of the box slips it to Anthony Fontana who sends it to the back of the net. Another Union goal!

51’- Once again on the right side of the attack Olivier Mbaizo dumps it to Bedoya who is wide right but it goes out for a corner. Off the corner, from the right side, the ball finds the top of Kacper Przybylko head for a GOAL. Union up 2-0!

49’- José Martínez is the first Union player to enter the ref’s book with a yellow card.

47’- Jamiro Monteiro lines up and converts it. Union up 1-0 (2-0). Union needed to come out early and score, didn’t expect it this quickly.

46’ - Second half under way and within seconds Anthony Fontana goes down on the line and earns a Penalty kick.

Half Time Stats

Philadelphia Union
Shots - 4
Shots on Goal - 2
Possession - 59%
Fouls -5
Yellow Cards - 0

Shots - 1
Shots on Goal - 0
Possession - 41%
Fouls - 4
Yellow Cards - 1

45+1’ - After the first 15’ was full of action, the half ends on a lull. Ref whistled for Half Time at 9:02.

45’- Just 1 minute of stoppage time here in the first half.

40’ - Ball gets played in front of Kacper Przybylko for what should have been a tap in, but he ends up blocking himself with his OTHER leg.

36’ - We have a late tackle and a yellow card for Jedwin Lester. As expected there is a dust up between Kai Wagner and Lester. Replay and slowed down should be a Red. However Lester gets booked on a yellow.

32’ - Timing and the Run great for Kacper Przybylko just goes wide and ends up being a corner for the Union from the right side. Union sent it into the penalty box and ended up with nothing. Game still scorless.

28’ - Jamiro Monteiro out of nowhere slides into the pitch and picks of Saprissa to start another great attack for the Union. Just ends with a save.

26’ - A nice cross into the box and the U once again miss handle what could have been an easy goal. Is it an issue with the field and traction? Who knows except they NEED to start getting on the end and finishing some of these setups.

25’ - Play is stopped as Saprissa’s Wálter Cortés takes a spike on the top of the boot.

24’- So far in the match the Union have dominated the possession time with the ball spending 75% of the game so far on the feet of the boys in blue.

21’ - Saprissa earns their first free kick off the night. From 10 yards outside the top right corner of the box. It is sent into the far post and bounces just wide of the net.

20’ - Kacper Przybylko gets the ball in the box on his feet and positioned for an easy goal.. however he miss handles it and was thankfully called for offsides.

15’ - Jamiro Monteiro wins the ball back near the mid field and tries to send it up to Kacper Przybylko in the final third. However, it was played behind him and he couldn’t get on the end of it.

11’ - Jamiro Monteiro picks off the ball in the box looks and goes down, and the U earns a corner. However nothing with any weight comes out of that corner, except your typical save.

6’ - Alejandro Bedoya starts wide gets a nice run coming into the penalty box and tries a cross. It goes out for a corner. Off the set piece, gets into free space near Glsenes who smashes one into the POST!

4’ - Great set piece idea from the union here. The U run over the ball from the right side sends it into the box for a flick off the head, however it was saved.

2’ - Philly fans boo Saprissa’s Ricardo Blanco booing him as he touches the ball. No one forgets that ugly tackle that happened in leg 1.

1’ - We have CCL soccer in Chester. Kickoff happened at 8:16pm.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Union


Going to the game tonight? Check out what’s new at Subaru Park:

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Saprissa will be missing several players tonight with Kendall Waston missing because of travel restrictions (he was in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Costa Rica in late March so he’s restricted by Covid-19 protocols for entry into the U.S.), Fabricio Aleman, Mariano Torres and Aubrey David are out with positive Covid-19 tests and Marvin Angulo, Ariel Rodriguez (Saprissa’s current active leader in CCL goals with 7) and Esteban Rodriguez are all out with injuries.

The Philadelphia Union get Sergio Santos back as an option off the bench, but Cory Burke and Ilsinho are still out injured and Jack de Vries has been in concussion protocol. Stuart Findlay is still working his way to 90 minutes of fitness.

How to Watch

Where: Subaru Park; Chester, PA
When: 8 p.m. ET, Wednesday April 14, 2021
Streaming: FOX Sports App, Concacaf App

For our friends in Costa Rica
When: 6 p.m. CT, Wednesday April 14th, 2021
TV: Canal 6


Referee: Fernando Guerrero Ramírez
Lineman 1: Alberto Morín Méndez
Lineman 2: Pablo Israel Hernández Luna
Fourth official: Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán