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Philadelphia Union reveals full 2021 secondary kit in preseason opener

The U kicked off their preseason slate with a closed door scrimmage against Orlando City wearing the new BYU jerseys

Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union kicked off their 2021 preseason slate decked out in the full secondary kit today at Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex in Clearwater, Florida.

While the match isn’t being streamed live, the Union revealed the socks and shorts in a pregame warm-up photo posted on social media and then the full kit in photos from the first half.

The light blue and yellow lightning-bolt adorned jersey was the product of a collaboration with Union fans, staff and media representatives that consulted on the new design. The colors are an homage to the Sons of Ben and the flags of Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey.

What do you think now that you’ve seen the full BYU secondary kit for 2021 in action?