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Players ratify new collective bargaining agreement, but start of preseason/season may still be delayed

Preseason was supposed to start Feb. 22

Major League Soccer

Players voted to ratify a new collective bargaining agreement between the MLS Players Association and Major League Soccer, but the start of preseason and the regular season may still be delayed.

The vote, announced on Monday, finalizes a tentative agreement that was reached on Friday and means there will not be a work stoppage as previously feared.

The agreement, which was also ratified by the MLS Board of Governors, will go through the end of the 2027 season. Details of the agreement are spelled out on

The statement from the MLSPA specifically mentioned the supporters groups (Sons of Ben among them) that last week launched a Let Them Play initiative to voice their support for the players.

“Supporters’ Groups are the backbone of our league and an inseparable ally to our cause. Your voice, and the voices of all MLS fans, spoke loudly,” the statement reads. “We now move on to a 2021 season that we hope can reunite supporters and players in stadiums all across North America to enjoy and advance the game we all love.”

Training camps were previously scheduled to open on February 22 and the first weekend of the season slated for the first weekend of April but that is now in question.

The Union have a Concacaf Champions League game either April 6, 7 or 8 that could end up being their first match of 2021. The draw will be held on Wednesday night.