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Photo Gallery: Philadelphia Union Academy vs Penn Fusion Academy

Photos from the Union U17 and U15 teams matches against Penn Fusion

Matt Ralph

The Philadelphia Union Academy played their first slate of games in 2021 on Saturday when they hosted Penn Fusion Academy for a day of friendlies at YSC Sports.

The Union U17s ended the day with a 1-0 win over the Penn Fusion U19s behind a goal from Marcello Mazzola. Bajung Darboe, who just turned 14 in November, wore the armband for the Union U17s.

The Union U15s drew their game 2-2 against the Penn Fusion U16s. Matt Mohr had both goals for the visitors, which included a penalty kick. Dominic Wilson scored in the first half and Jack Brown converted a penalty kick in the second half for the Union.

The MLS Next season will resume in early March.