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Union launch unique volunteer program to benefit charities in the Philadelphia region

Fans can redeem volunteer hours for Philadelphia Union experiences

The Philadelphia Union announced a unique program earlier this week that allows fans to receive exclusive experiences and prizes for volunteering. U-serve will partner with local community organizations in Chester and Philadelphia communities. These partnerships are both with local programs like Philabundance and CityTeam Chester and national organizations like American Red Cross, American Heart Association and the Ronald McDonald House.

During the announcement, Philadelphia Union President Tim Mcdermott talked about how the team feels about the work they outside of Subaru Park.

“We’re excited to incorporate our fanbase in this program and reward them with exclusive experiences for making a difference,” McDermott said. “The legacy we leave off the field is just as important as the work we do on the field.”

Fans looking to take part in the program can signup at Once your hours are logged, you will accumulate points. It is those points that can be spent on experiences like shopping sprees, tickets and spending a day at the Union’s training. A free t-shirt will also be handed out to fans who sign up to volunteer.