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Philadelphia Union head coach wears locally produced jersey in press conference

Icarus FC jersey a collaboration between the Garden Parties FC Podcast and Philadelphia clothing store and brand Ps & Qs

Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin has made a name for himself with his sneaker selections and fashion choices in games this season, but his press conferences are usually pretty straightforward in terms of his appearance.

Typically he wears team gear and the trusty Crozer Health water bottle is beside him on the table but Friday was noticeably different when Curtin logged on to the Zoom with media wearing a custom Icarus FC jersey.

The jersey, which isn’t currently available, was released back in May as a collaboration between the Garden Parties FC podcast and local lifestyle clothing store and brand Ps & Qs.

Curtin said he received the jersey as a gift.

“A couple of guys they dropped me a note on Instagram, and then sent me a nice package,” Curtin said. “I got a ton of stuff from them so I’m just supporting a great local brand.”