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Philadelphia Union to unveil new jersey

An invite went out to fans for a kit launch “event” on February 5, 6 and 8

Fans will be getting their first look at the new Philadelphia Union secondary jersey next week, according to an email that went out on Friday.

The email refers to the jersey as “an electric new Philadelphia Union kit” and includes the Philadelphia Union logo in Philadelphia city (and Sons of Ben) colors teased on the Union’s social media accounts on Thursday that kickstarted a range of speculation online.

The Union organized a committee of fans and members of the media to assist with the design of the new jersey. Yours truly and Doopy Brothers co-host Luke McClung were members of the committee but we are unable to share details about what we saw and experienced until it is released. The club’s timeline for releasing the jersey and plans for the reveal were not shared with the committee.

The Union released a new primary jersey in 2020 that was part of a league-wide 25th season anniversary template with three adidas stripes on the right shoulder. They will be due for a new primary jersey again in 2022.