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Video reveals River End-covering Tifo for tonight’s Philadelphia Union game

The Sons of Ben and Keystone State Ultras will still have a visible presence in the empty Subaru Park tonight

If you were wondering what the tifo display from the Sons of Ben and Keystone State Ultras would look like in the River End for tonight’s Philadelphia Union game, a video poking fun at the New York Red Bulls revealed it.

The video pokes fun at the New York Red Bulls using tarps in the past to cover empty seats at Red Bull Arena by saying that they called in a tarp expert — the New York Red Bulls mascot — to help with getting the stadium ready for the first team’s first game in the stadium in 309 days.

The game kicks off at 7:30 p.m. and will be broadcast live on PHL17 and on for fans in market and on ESPN+ for those not in market.

Some fans are planning to set up outside the River End and make a ruckus so players inside the stadium can hear them. We’ll have photography and game coverage live from the stadium.