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Union players wear names of victims of police brutality on their jerseys

In place of their own last names, the Philadelphia Union players wore the names of victims on their jerseys for their first game in the MLS is Back Tournament

Jared Martinez & Matt Stith

Philadelphia Union players continued to take a stand against racial inequality on Thursday by wearing the names of African Americans who have been killed as a result of police brutality in place of their own. Players also wrote below the numbers of their jerseys “One name. Too many.”

The team revealed the change on their kits after the moment of silence in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Union have a history of standing for social justice issues, with Captain Alejandro Bedoya calling for gun law reform in 2018 season, and players like Mark McKenzie and Ray Gaddis leading the “Black Players for Change” organization; a group which advocates for black players in the MLS.

Many of the names worm by players have been in the news recently such as George Floyd (worn by Andre Blake), Breonna Taylor (worn by Ray Gaddis) and Elijah McClain (worn by Warren Creavalle); others, whose names have been chanted for years, were also represented, including Micheal Brown (worn by Kacper Przybylko), Tamir Rice (worn by Mark McKenzie), and Eric Garner (worn by Jack Elliott).

It is unclear if the team had permission from Major League Soccer.

Captain Alejandro Bedoya also wore the names on his armband.