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Top 10 Marvel-themed soccer ball designs

There are a lot more Marvel-themed soccer balls than you probably realized

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When I was initially doing research for Marvel Week content, one of the things I kept coming across were Marvel-themed soccer balls. I was surprised to find that there were many of them and also that most were just pretty standard and lazy product design that happens with kids toys where they just basically slap the same design on a bunch of products.

There were in my research, however, some interesting designs. I can’t attest for how good most of these balls actually are since I don’t own any of them, but here’s a ranking of the ball designs either based directly off Avengers characters or that I’ve assigned to Avengers characters.

Infinity Stone

Petco has Infinity Stone balls for pets. I don’t have a dog but these look like they’d still be fun to have to kick around the house.


This Avengers ball has a retro feel to it and is a good idea but the design is also a little busy and held back by sticking too much to the Telstar design.


I didn’t care for any of the Hulk designs I could find but this green Under Armour ball could easily pass for a Hulk ball with a couple alterations.

Select Thor

I don’t care for any of the Thor-themed balls designs I could find but this ball from Select is named Thor and Select balls are pretty wonderful so there’s that.

Spider-Man Eyes

The close-up of Spider-Man’s eyes are what make this ball. The simplistic design of the mask wrapped around the ball looks so much better than some of the balls that have the Spider-Man logo.

Black Widow Bowling Ball

This is a bowling ball design so it doesn’t officially count, but this Black Widow design on a pink soccer ball needs to be made.

Mitre Spider Man

Mitre has a more subtle approach to Spider-Man with this design that is one of three Avengers balls they have available.

Mitre Iron Man

If not for the Marvel logo you might not immediately recognize this as an Iron Man ball, but that’s part of the reason I like it.

adidas Champions League Ball

This 2019 Champions League ball isn’t officially a Marvel-themed ball but the red, white and blue star design can easily pass for a Captain America ball and is way cooler than any of the official Captain America balls I could find.

Mitre Black Panther

This Black Panther ball is a perfect mash-up of imagery from the movie/comic and an actual soccer ball. Rather than just slapping an image on a blank ball, this one is the type of ball I would pick out on a shelf not realizing it was a movie tie-in.