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Union Hulk LEGO set

A tribute to everyone’s favorite superhero-inspired Philadelphia Union Twitter account

Matt Ralph

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time during the shutdown building LEGO with my 4-year-old son so it only made sense that during Marvel Week I’d pay tribute to the Union Hulk Twitter account in LEGO form.

Matt Ralph

While not to scale, I incorporated the Incredible Hulk LEGO minifigure into a scene at Rico’s Lounge, a bar in Chester the account lists as its hometown on its Twitter profile. I didn’t have any photos of Rico’s but did find one online I was able to adapt to make the sign printout. I also printed out a Union jersey for Hulk to wear sitting on the stoop outside the bar.

The set has been quite popular with my kids the past couple days and has somehow managed to survive my two-year-old, who is known as the LEGO Godzilla in my house. Best of all though was Hulky’s reaction.

Here are a couple additional photos of it.

Matt Ralph