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Community Corner: Philadelphia Union Avengers Assemble!

Members of the orginization’s past and present come together to form Earth’s mightiest team

US actor Robert Downey Jr. poses by a li Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Let’s take a time machine back to May of 2008, we didn’t have a pandemic, or a Philadelphia Union soccer team, but we were in the middle of a recession. During this time, we received an entertainment gift, that no one was expecting. Iron Man opened in theaters. However, the most important, other than Tony Stark saying he was Iron Man, was a post credit scene. When Tony Stark entered his home and found Nick Fury in his home. I still remember that pop in the theater when that was revealed.

That moment would spawn an entire Saga with 22 films over 21 years. Within the Infinity saga we saw the creation of The Avengers to take down a villainous organization called Hydra. After that threat they destroyed a city, which created a split between the group. Eventually they would put their past behind them to come together to defeat a power-hungry monster intent on whipping out half of Earth’s population.

By now you’re wondering why I am talking about the Marvel’s cinematic universe on a soccer blog. I myself was a little confused when I got the text asking me about how much I know about Marvel.

Here comes the explanation, Last week we at BrotherlyGame joined our fellow SB Nation blogs in taking part of “Jersey Week.” There was plenty of coverage. Justin Fisher’s article on Buying a Jersey, Luke and Aj McClung’s (The Doopy Brothers) Jersey Collection Power Rankings and Matt Ralph’s take on the 2018 jersey reveal foreshadowing the team’s young players. Those was just a few of the articles we posted over the week to fit that theme.

Well a new week not only brings another week of us losing track of time by staying home to save lives. It also brings another themed week. This time we journey to the comics, as well as the theater and bring you a week based around the “Marvel” franchise.

Over the next week, thanks to Tony Stark, we will enter his time travel machine and will assemble our own team of avengers. From Conor Casey taking on the role of Hulk (Casey Smash anyone?), or Danny Califf taking up the shield to become Steve Rodgers.

What about Nick Sakiewicz taking on the role of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker or Thanos? You can also expand on the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the TV show, Sakiewicz could easily fit into the role of Gideon Malick. Where he was the villain within the organization. This one is up for debate so let me know which one you think suits him better.

So, here is the ask, below I want to hear about who you would slot in to be Earth’s mightiest heroes from the Union’s past and present. Maybe you like the villain’s route, let us know who the Union’s top villains would be.

In the words of Captain America from Civil War “I can do this all day.” But now I am turning the lineup creation over to you. I look forward to seeing your Nick Fury, your avenger team. Maybe you want to go the villain route and create an entire organization chart of Hydra infecting the U’s front office.