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Training facility closures extended in MLS, USL

Training moratoriums extended through April 24 in MLS, April 19 in USL

Photo by Matt Ralph

As expected, moratoriums on training for both the Philadelphia Union and Union II have been extended further into April.

Major League Soccer and the USL both announced extensions on Wednesday. The USL Championship and League One moratorium was extended through April 19 and a similar measure has been extended to April 24 in MLS.

Training facilities remain closed to all players and staff with the exception of “players requiring medical treatment or rehabilitation, under the direction of the team medical staff, that cannot be performed from the safety of their residence.” The Union last trained on March 12.

Players are expected to remain in each club’s respective market, but the league is reviewing individual requests by players to relocate to another market by car. Two players from the Union have reportedly been approved for relocation.