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Local sports teams inspire concept Union jerseys

The Union’s social media account released photoshop version of their kits after fan asked on Twitter.

Philadelphia Union

It all started with a fan request to see the current Union jersey get a makeover to represent the other area sports teams on Wednesday and it resulted in some instantly popular alternative jersey designs.

I kind of wish some of these were real.

The first one unveiled was Philly’s other summertime team, the Phillies. The crest is full of red with a blue stripe down the middle. As far as kits are concerned the white kit includes the snake traced with a red outline with Bimbo in the current Phillies font. For the second kit, quite possibly my favorite, a Phillies throwback is used with the blue and maroon colors.

A Wings-inspired kit followed up the Phillies. The black and gold really has an LAFC feel. The sponsor text is presented in a clean modern typography. After releasing this set, the media account asked for 150 likes and 25 comments to release a Flyers version.

Guess what, the goal was reached. These kits would look amazing on the ice. From a simple all orange shirt on which you can clearly see the snake design, something the real kit doesn’t do very well to the white, classic style, of the Flyers jersey. These two were huge hits.

After about an hour after the Flyers release, we got kits inspired by the 76ers. The gray kit looks inspired by the Sixers’ city series jerseys. While blue would look nice as a shoot-around jersey on Sons of Ben night at the Sixers. After this was released, they social media account asked for 400 likes to release its final mashup.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the last team featured in the mashup. The kits were nice but for some reason the tweet featuring the design has been removed from the internet. One thing I can tell you by looking at the comments, many people were hoping for a kelly green version.

Now I want to hear from you:


Which kit is your favorite design

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Would you spend money to wear one? If so let us know in the comments which one.

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