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With the real Supporters’ Shield arrival delayed, the Union lifted a modified Captain America shield instead

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; that wasn’t actually the Supporters’ Shield we saw last night

If you were at the stadium last night, watching the game at home or looking at the photos of the Philadelphia Union’s celebration after winning the 2020 Supporters’ Shield last night, you may have noticed something a little off about the shield.

Your eyes weren’t deceiving you. It is a Captain America shield, straps and all, with a sticker on it.

Thanks to a shipping delay of the actual shield from California — LAFC has been the caretaker since winning it last season — the Philadelphia Union front office had to improvise to give the players something to lift and celebrate after ending the season with the best record in the league.

A Captain America Shield and a vinyl covering of the shield design did the trick.

One of the giveaways was when Jack Elliott was running with the shield and the straps were clearly showing as you can see in the images captured by photographer Morgan Tencza. Andrew Wiebe from MLS and others have also confirmed it.

In a season unlike any other interrupted and disrupted by Covid-19, the fact that the Union were able to win their first trophy in franchise history is an enormous achievement. The fact that they were celebrating with a Halloween costume accessory rare and expensive metal prop doesn’t change that.

In fact, it might end up making it even more memorable and yet one more reason to appreciate this team and their ability as an organization both on and off the field to respond to everything that’s been thrown at them this year to end the season as the best team in the league.