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Rate the U: Andre Blake the Great

Blake finished with a 4.41 average rating for 2020

Philadelphia Union v New England Revolution Photo by Tim Bouwer/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Andre Blake has already won a Goalkeeper of the Year award for 2020 but it’s still hard to understate just how important he was to the Philadelphia Union’s success.

That shows in the reaction from our readers to his individual performances this season. His average rating across 24 matches (he missed the last two with an injury) was a staggering 4.41 out of 5. That his average was that high shows not only that he had some great games, but that he was consistent throughout a campaign with a host of challenges.

Mark McKenzie was the only other Union player to finish with a rating above 4 though Matt Freese did have a 4.41 average rating from his one appearance on Decision Day. Brenden Aaronson, Jose Martinez and Jim Curtin rounded out the top 5 in average ratings.

By comparison, no one on the team received an average rating throughout the season that was 4 or higher. Jamiro Monteiro finished with a 3.99 average rating for 2019 while Blake finished fifth with a 3.73 average rating.

We’re not going to be doing player ratings for the postseason, but there’s a good bet Blake will be putting in another strong performance if he does in fact return to the lineup from his hand injury as Curtin predicted.

2020 Player Ratings Results

Player Total Votes Total
Player Total Votes Total
Matt Freese 172 4.41
Andre Blake 4,843 4.41
Mark McKenzie 4,579 4.04
Brenden Aaronson 4,686 3.93
Jose Martinez 3,329 3.91
Jim Curtin 4,649 3.9
Jakob Glesnes 3,496 3.87
Jamiro Monteiro 4,374 3.76
Kai Wagner 3,055 3.74
Alejandro Bedoya 3,923 3.73
Jack Elliott 3,505 3.71
Sergio Santos 3,859 3.61
Ray Gaddis 3,108 3.54
Anthony Fontana 2,879 3.53
Cory Burke 798 3.52
Matt Real 2,413 3.48
Kacper Przybylko 4,079 3.42
Olivier Mbaizo 1,708 3.39
Ilsinho 3,769 3.35
Warren Creavalle 1,766 3.29
Cole Turner 147 3.27
Jack de Vries 715 3.15
Andrew Wooten 2,053 2.86
Joe Bendik 199 2.34