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Eric Bazilian of The Hooters delivers on promise to perform “Doop” on a melodica in must-see video

If this doesn’t get you excited for Tuesday night, what will?

Philadelphia Union superfan Jeffrey Mitchell is nothing if not consistent in his support for the team and the positive vibes he promotes through his prolific social media posts.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s Round 1 playoff game he talked his friend Eric Bazilian of The Hooters into playing the chorus to Scooter’s “Maria (I Like it Loud)” on a melodica. After getting more than 50 retweets on Twitter, Eric followed through with a video where he does a lot more than just play the Union goal celebration song on a melodica.

It’s “Doop” like we haven’t quite heard it before, full of energy, the melodic of course, an infectious guitar riff and the joy of a Philly native who has been entertaining audiences for decades. Eric is admittedly not a big sports fan but he’s sure to win over plenty of Union faithful with this well-timed video release ahead of what will hopefully be a deep playoff run for the boys in blue.

Bazilian, who splits time between Pennsylvania and Sweden, is prepping a solo album for release in Spring 2021. He recently released the first single, “Heaven Ain’t Gonna Save Us” with a paper animation video.