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Philadelphia Union permanently banning fans who shouted homophobic and racist slurs

A “small group” of fans were reported for displaying intolerable behavior at Wednesday night’s game at Subaru Park

Subaru Park during the national anthem on October 28, 2020
Carl Gulbish

The Philadelphia Union didn’t waste any time responding to concerns from fans who attended last night’s game against the Chicago Fire and had to endure a group of fans shouting homophobic and racist statements from the stands.

The Union released the following statement on Thursday.

The Philadelphia Union is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, free of discrimination and harassment.

The disgraceful language and behavior exhibited by a small group of people at our game last night has no place in our stadium, or in society. It will not be tolerated.

We have begun identifying those ticket holders, and they will be permanently banned from all Philadelphia Union matches and events.

A homophobic slur was captured on video by one fan at the game who also called out the group for making racist comments during the.