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Matej Oravec will wear No. 24 jersey

New signing will be seventh Philadelphia Union player to wear No. 24

Newly acquired midfielder Matej Oravec will wear the No. 24 this season for the Philadelphia Union.

He will be the seventh to wear the jersey, joining Adam Najem (2017-2018), Matt Jones (2016), Brian Holt (2014), Porfirio Lopez (2012), Thorne Holder (2011) and Brian Perk (2010) but just the third field player to wear it.

While he’s previously worn numbers 14, 4, 26 and 25, No. 24 has been Oravec’s most consistent number in his pro career, which dates back to joining Spartak Trnava in 2015.

He’s worn the No. 4 and No. 13 jerseys representing Slovakia at the youth international level.