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Doopy Brothers Podcast: The mighty Union handle a decent squad from Atlanta

I guess they were tired or whatever...

The Union did what nobody thought they could and beat Atlanta, handily. The came from behind and beat the reigning champs in convincing fashion and we basked in all the glory of it. We break down the great win and the unconventional way in which we had to watch it and recap all the great moments of the game as well as go through all the great moments of what has been such a special season for the Philadelphia Union.

Episode Recap:

  • Our watching experience
  • 4-2-3-1 for the win
  • Kacper gave a big time performance
  • Super Sub Sergio
  • Union Best, Union Worst
  • Frustration by lack of respect from media, old and new
  • Big moments of the year
  • Trusty mystery
  • Pumas lineup predictions

Listen to the Doopy Brothers Podcast Episode #32