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Doopy Brothers Podcast: A high quality point

We make some points that are probably of less quality than the point the Union earned against LAFC

Luke was in Chester, AJ was in Fredericksburg, but we both got to watch one of the most quality games the Union have ever played. They rose to the occasion and quality of the opponent, LAFC, and got a fair result from it. We get into discussions that include color commentary criticism and Marco Fabian speculations with typical awkward goofiness throughout the episode.

Episode Recap:

  • LAFC recap
  • high quality defensive performance from the U
  • Ways we broke through LAFC
  • Marco Fabian’s absence
  • Playoff picture
  • Tommy Smyth critique
  • River End scuffle
  • Media coverage of the Union
  • Red Bull predictions

Listen to Episode #34 - MckElliott