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Philadelphia Union players as Will Ferrell characters

The Doopy Brothers replaced characters in popular movies played by LAFC part owner Will Ferrell with players from the Philadelphia Union

LAFC is in town and in addition to be the toast of the league this season on the field they also bring a Hollywood quality to their team through the proximity to the entertainment industry and directly through part owner Will Ferrell. The Doopy Brothers decided to mark the occasion of another massive game for the Philadelphia Union with a fun exercise of replacing characters Ferrell has played in his movies with players from the Philadelphia Union. Enjoy!

Listen to the full episode, Episode #33 - Fabinho

Elf starring Fabinho

AJ: “I would take out Will Ferrell and I’d replace him with who I think is the happiest go lucky player on the Union — also the one who this podcast is named after tonight — Fabinho. How awesome would that be in like an elf hat running around New York. He’d be so happy, everybody would be happy to see him. I’m happy just thinking about it.”

Anchorman starring Kacper Przybylko

Luke: “There’s the Ron Burgundy line where he like goes ‘I’m Ron Burgandy? ‘because he sees the question mark on the teleprompter and he does what he’s told and I feel like Kacper does his role and plays his role exactly as he supposed to...He’s also just the main guy, the striker, the main character and he also knows German with Will Ferrell’s German translation for San Diego.”

Stepbrothers starring Auston Trusty and Mark McKenzie

AJ: “I thought those two would just be a funny little pair, they seem to have fun on social media and Union promos and stuff.”

Talladega Nights starring Fafa Picault

Luke: “So Ricky Bobby, this a kind of more obvious one, Fafa, he just wants to go fast. (AJ: Shake & Bake partner?) I was thinking Santos, because he is also just fast.

Daddy’s Home starring Brenden Aaronson and Alejandro Bedoya

AJ: “Will Ferrell is kind of a nerdy dad, vis-a-vis me, and Mark Wahlberg is kind of the riding the motorcycle, longer hair, cool dad. So the two guys I chose for this were Aaronson as the nerdy dad and Bedoya as the cool guy. I wanted to go with the old guy, young guy kind of thing.”

Zoolander starring Ilsinho

Luke: “Will Ferrell was Mugatu in this one and he hypnotizes Derek Zoolander, so based off that, Mugatu is Ilsinho. He hypnotizes defenders and does what he wants.”

Get Hard starring Jack Elliott and Fafa Picault

AJ: “I wanted to have Jack Elliott be Will Ferrell as a super innoccent dude, and then I couldn’t think of anyone to be real hard but in the movie, Kevin Hart is a fake hard dude because he doesn’t actually go to prison so I thought Fafa because I thought he’d be funny and he kind of has some street cred but secretly a super nice guy and just needs to teach Jack Elliott how to be tough.”

*Bonus* Kicking and Screaming starring Jim Curtin and Peter Novak

Luke: “The obvious swap would be Jim Curtin. Peter Novak would be the Ditka guy... because he’s kinda crazy.”

Let us know what your ideas would be for other Will Ferrell roles being replaced by Union players.