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Doopy Brothers Podcast: LAFC are coming to our house

Kacper’s not afraid and neither are we

Finally back from the international break, we are ready for LAFC! In this episode we preview the big match against LAFC and what it means to the Union. There were some games this past weekend, from the Pumas friendly to the international games that we touch on as well. Then we get silly and talk Will Ferrell movies and Popeyes Sandwiches. DOOP!

Episode Recap

  • Pumas friendly recap
  • LAFC preview
  • NYCFC now in first, no games in hand
  • Fabian rumors
  • International break recap
  • Will Ferrell Movies with a Union twist
  • Which Union player in our history is the Popeye’s Sandwich?
  • LAFC predictions

Listen to Episode #33