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Even in the summer, Phillies misery trumps Philadelphia Union defeat

Watching the Union lose in a bar full of Phillies fans can be a lonely but worthwhile exercise

To watch the Philadelphia Union take on the Montreal Impact last week, I went to an area pub and was met with almost exactly what I expected.

I walked in at 7:55 to the TVs all having the Phillies down 11-1. The hostess told us that they would throw on the Union game soon. After about 10 minutes, the game wasn’t on and she came back to tell us that the owner said to put it on, because given it’s a soccer hotspot, he wanted the game on.

However, those sitting at the bar were transfixed by the nightmare of a baseball game. Soon enough the Union game was put on to one TV. There were a few casual lookers and even some people that were confused that soccer was being put on. One thing that made me laugh a little was there was a man sitting across the bar straining his eyes to watch the Union on the one TV they were being displayed.

There were no collective sighs when a shot was missed or collectives shouts when there was a foul; and that is exactly how I expected it to be. It had saddened me a bit to see that more people were interested in the Phillies devastating loss than there were in the Union game while it was still 1-0.

However, I would go back in a heart beat. I would loudly and proudly be the single soul that watches the games, every week getting more and more people to join with me in watching, and honestly, that’s what more people need to do.

Just being in first has shown that success won’t bring in crowds of new fans, it’s the passionate fans that need to be the ones that cheer and high-five strangers in a crowded bar when the Union score just to peak their attention. Let them know that there is something to be excited about here.

(Editor’s note: If you aren’t going to D.C. for Sunday’s game and you don’t want to be a trailblazer like Tommy here are a few official watch parties to check out where you are more likely to find fellow Union fans and multiple TVs with the sound on)

2535 S 13th St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Zed’s Beer-Bado Brewing
19 North Maple Ave, Marlton, New Jersey

Franklin’s East Falls
3521 Bowman St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Larimer
15 Engle St G Unit, Chester, Pennsylvania

Alice Pizza
235 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA

Neshaminy Creek Brewery
909 Ray Ave, Croydon, PA