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Doopy Brothers Podcast: We’re ready for you, Atlanta

Oh yeah and we beat up DC again

With another DC destroying in the books, we are full steam ahead with a mega-matchup looming this weekend. After discussing how we beat down on DC United and how Kacper Przybylko is Luke’s new crush, we take a deep dive into just how to beat the juggernaut that is Atlanta United. We think we figured it out so Jim, take notes. We need the help of the fans to get us out of a family vacation to sneak up to Chester Saturday night so all suggestions welcome!!

Episode Recap:

  • DC 2-1 win review
  • Kacper is the striker we need
  • BIG GAME against Atlanta, we’re giddy
  • tactical analysis of how to possibly beat Atlanta
  • Suggestion Time! Help get us out to the game this weekend

Listen to Episode #31