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Doopy Brothers Podcast: An ugly but memorable 3 points

Sha La La La La La... it’ll forever be stuck in my head

A win is a win, no matter how ugly. And while it wasn’t terrible, we’ve come to expect more from our First Place in the East Philadelphia Union. But again, 3 points. Regardless of the quality on the field, off the field was the biggest takeaway from the game against the Houston Dynamo; The Keystone State Ultras and the Sons of Ben got the place rockin’ and created one of the most memorable moments of our Union fandom.

Episode Recap:

  • Houston game review
  • Talen got rockin’
  • Union Best/Union worst
  • Sturridge to Union??
  • August outlook
  • Chicago Fire preview

Listen to Episode 29 of The Doopy Brothers Podcast