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Doopy Brothers Podcast: It was all bad in Montreal

like really, really, really bad

Montreal city urban skyline at dusk, golden colours... Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

What a terrible, terrible game. The Philadelphia Union turned in probably the worst performances of the season in Montreal on Saturday. There were many obvious flaws, from Gaddis to... Gaddis (everybody was bad but ya know). After a couple of rants for each of us, we try to move on and get into a more fun mood with All-Star talk, a “seeing the future” segment, and a DC preview.

Episode Breakdown:

  • AJ got robbed!
  • Montreal beat down break down
  • All Star talk
  • Connor Ca-see into the phuture with his magic 8 bald-head (yeah it got weird)
  • DC United preview

Listen to Doopy Brothers Podcast Episode #27